How to use suggest, recommend & advise

I’ve prepared a powerpoint explaining how to use suggest, etc. as many of my students have real problems with these verbs. They really don’t get them – a lot of head shaking and red ink!

I would suggest using this presentation before going over a FCE review or report as both types of writings need a recommendation.

There is a free lesson plan on how to write a review in a previous post ( – as I keep on mentioning!

Step One: Present the powerpoint.

Sample Slides





Step Two: Handout the worksheets to the students, and ask them to do the exercises – encouraging them to look at the grammar explanation on the first page to avoid making the same, old, silly mistakes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.01.08 (1)

Free Powerpoint


Teacher’s Handout

Suggest Teacher’s

Student’s Worksheet

Suggest Student’s


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