FCE Essay

Here is another powerpoint based lesson on how to write an essay at FCE/B2 – it follows the format of my previous post “B1 Essay”.  It is based on a question from the new edition of Gold First (Pearson).


Step 1: Give out page 1 of the student’s worksheet and ask them to read the question carefully. The essay has been divided up into sentences, so the students have to put these in the correct order  and then divide them into paragraphs.


Step 2: Now ask them to complete the essay plan.


Step 3: Present the powerpoint –  encouraging the students to find and   highlight the content points, useful expressions, etc. on their worksheets.  Note: each slide gives the students a chance to say the set expressions, linkers themselves before revealing the answers. Don’t forget to remind them of the structures that follow some linkers- for example, for instance.






Step 4: Set an essay for homework


Gold First, J.Bell (2015)

Free Powerpoint

B2 Essay

Free Lesson Plan

B2 ESSAY Teacher’s

Student Worksheet

B2 ESSAY Student’s


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