Obviously as it’s New Year’s Day, I’m lounging at home nursing a slight but very deserved hangover. Hence, the previous references to champagne. What better than to surf the internet for several hours? Not a lot! So, I’ve stumbled across this curious word:



Example sentences:

When we were kids, for example, we experienced an intense Vorfreude in the weeks before Christmas. (http://krautblog-ulrich.blogspot.com.es)

During the day, I kept my nose down and dug in hard for my studies, but at night– right before I’d slip from the edge and fall into sleep –I’d allow myself to wonder and marvel in thoughts of Vorfreude………. it were these same visions of my future successes that would sustain me, and buoy my resolve to work as hard as I could until those beautiful, easy days of fantasy were reality. (http://unusedwords.com)


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