FCE Essay

I’ve improved the FCE Essay “pack” – the powerpoint is now available in pptx format – I’ve changed some of the special fonts I was using for images.

Step 1: Give out, both the “How to Write FCE Essay”and  “Three Steps,  Writing An Essay” handouts. Ask your students read them carefully.

Step 2: Ask your students in pairs to underline the key words and think of some synonyms or phrases for them.

Step 3: Now ask your students to brainstorm ideas – including the 3rd note.

Step 4: As a class select ideas for the essay and ask the students to think of useful phrases for each of the 5 paragraphs.

Step 5: Now go through the powerpoint – encouraging the students to underline phrases in the model essay and to take notes – highlighting the importance of each step in relation to the assessment scales.

Sample Slides




FCE EssaySlide59


How To Write FCE Essay

Free Lesson Plan: How to Write FCE Essay

How to write FCE Essay Teacher

Student Worksheet: How to Write FCE Essay

How to write FCE ESSAY

Three Steps,  Writing An Essay

Three Steps Writing An Essay


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