FCE (Schools) Lesson Plan – Listening Part 3

Young students working on an assignment

First for Schools – Listening Part 3

Step 1: Here is some advice on how to approach Part 3. Get you students to read through the steps and put them in the correct order.

  1. Skim read the options to get a general idea of the key ideas or subject in each one.
  2. Use the second listening to confirm your answer.
  3. Think briefly about how the ideas and subjects in the options might be expressed and what the speaker might say.
  4. Listen and find possible answers, but don’t make your final choice yet. Be aware of distractors – when a speaker mentions something that appears in another answer.
  5. Read the instructions, which explain the context and general topic.

The correct order is: 5,1,3,4,2

 Step 2: Now get the students to look at a Part 3 question. Ask them to read the instructions carefully and highlight the key words that indicate what the information they have to listen for. Then ask them to read through the 8 options.

Slide1 (4)

Step 3: Ask your students to think of some synonyms or paraphrases for the key words in the options. (Suggestions in italics)

Slide1 (5)

Step 4: Ask them to Imagine that their hobby is photography. Tell them to Talk to their partner and find out if they have the same opinion about:

  • Using software is fun
  • There is useful advice online
  • It helps you remember events
  • You goal should be to become an expert
  • Go to new places
  • Express original artistic ideas
  • You friends can help you develop your skills
  • Gives you more confidence

Step 5: Ask your students to listen to the recording and note down any expressions that the speakers use to say why they like photography. (Answers)

 Speaker 1: (I really like it, motivates me)

Speaker 2: (mean something to me, amazing shots, love giving)

Speaker 3: (but I actually feel, I also feel)

Speaker 4: (it’s about, it’s not just about)

Speaker 5: (I discovered the amazing stuff, it’s not about…it’s more about)

Step 6: Ask the students to now do questions 19 – 23. Listening to the recording twice.


Speaker 1 – Option E

Speaker 2 – Option C

Speaker 3 – Option H

Speaker 4 – Option F

Speaker 5 – Option A

Step 7: Correct and then ask the students to underline the phrases in the audio script that show the correct options.

 Speaker 1 – Option E

I fell in love with photography when I was 13 and I’ve been doing it as a hobby ever since. I might even do it for a career but I know I’ve still got a lot to learn about it. I just know I really like it and it motivates me to get out there, do different things and stuff like that – you know, visit unusual locations, where I might not otherwise have gone, if I wasn’t into photography. Once I’ve taken a load of shots, I find it really satisfying to look at them all on screen afterwards and choose the best ones.

Speaker 2 – Option C

I always photograph things that mean something to me; friends, places I’ve been, things I’ve done. I’ve taken some amazing shots of musicians at concerts, trying to capture the atmosphere of the music and the crowd. It’s a way of freezing a moment in time with just one click – like a record, keeping the past alive for me. I love giving friends pictures of themselves in different situations. Everyone says I’m becoming a real expert, but I don’t think about that. My parents also give me lots of encouragement – they’re going to get me a new camera, ‘cos the one I’ve got right now isn’t exactly the latest model.

Speaker 3 – Option H

I usually have an idea in my mind of what I want to see in a photo, and I’ll concentrate on trying to get that picture. It might be a friend in an interesting place, or a scene from nature, whatever. I know for some people it’s tricky to come up with something truly original, but I actually feel more sure of myself and what I’m doing when I’m behind the camera. I also feel a sense of calmness somehow, when I’m sitting at my laptop editing my pictures and sharing them with friends online – I just get totally absorbed in the whole process, and forget all about what’s going on outside.

Speaker 4 – Option F

I’m lucky ‘cos I learned to use a camera when I was about five years old, so I’m pretty confident in my abilities. Obviously, there’s still room for improvement, but I’m no great perfectionist. For me, it’s about using the equipment to show what I think and feel, but also using my imagination to create something unique. The technology’s always developing, and almost everybody’s learned to use a camera of some sort these days, but I don’t think people understand the power of what they can do. It’s not just about getting snaps of events or new places – or else you just end up with a picture that’s been taken a thousand times before.

Speaker 5 – Option A

I used to enjoy just looking at photos, but then I discovered the amazing stuff you can do on computers or with a camera – I’ve taught myself loads – I get pleasure out of solving puzzles, and playing around, experimenting to see how it all works. It’s not about trying to be creative, but more about amusing myself with what I can do. I can’t say I’m some expert photographer, but I do post lots of the pictures I take on various websites for friends to look at, ‘cos everybody gets something out of seeing themselves, and remembering places they went to, or things they did.

Listening Paper & Audio can be downloaded from: Sample Paper First For Schools


Audio script for Listening Part 3 can be found in: First For Schools – Teacher’s Handbook (2015):


Lesson Plan 

First for School Listening Part 3 Teacher’s

Free Worksheet

First for Schools Listening Part 3


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